[Osaka] the hottest tourist attraction in Shinsekai! “W Market”

In recent years, many markets have been held in Osaka.
There is the latest flea market held in Shinsekai from March, 2018.
The name is “W market”.
W is an acronym for the weekend and is being held literally every Sunday.

It is not an ordinary flea market just to be the latest flea markets.
Let’s introduce in detail about such a unique and attractive “W market”.


  1. Market Features
  2. Items SOLD
  3. How to store
  4. Spots around
  5. How to enjoy
  6. instagrammable
  7. Location, Information, Access

1.Market features


Feature 1

The biggest feature of the W market is that there is no price tag.
In the W market, it is the real pleasure and the concept to negotiate the price with the shop owner and to decide the price.
It is not uncommon in the market and flea markets overseas,
The concept of negotiating prices in the flea market in Japan is probably the only w markets.
But for those who are not good at negotiating prices, it is assured that reference prices are clearly specified for each store!

Feature 2

Another feature is that the ”W market” is being held in the shutter shopping district.
The shutter shopping street refers to a declining shopping street where most stores are closed and the shutters are lowered.

What the ”W market” is aiming for is the revitalization of the shopping district which became the shutter street of the whole country.

As a first step, we will hold ”W market” for two years in Shinsakai at Naniwa-ku in Osaka, and aimed to revitalize.

The goal is to give the data of “W market” to the shopping streets nationwide.
Once a year, not a single-engined activation, the emphasis is on continuous activation by holding once a week.

2.Items sold


There are many handmade goods, accessories, old clothes, etc.
In addition, it is a very different market with a variety of performances such as painting, coffee and vegetables, and singing and juggling.

There are a lot of products that you can only get here.
We will pick up and introduce the three pairs of stores who are frequently in the W market.

〇Dragon Glass


This shop is handmade with pierced and pendant with heat-resistant glass made by burner.

In general, there are few opportunities to get too much, and it is very popular with very original works
in this market.
The reference price is around ten thousand yen.

It is recommended because I think that I get only here almost!

〇Calligrapher ”Araccho”


Araccho is half Japanese and half Spain.

His performance is to give words on the spot to see and feel the customer’s eyes and Has ever sent words to more than 20,000 people with the heart of Japan and the Passion of Spain
His words attract a lot of people in W market is also very many repeat.

Why don’t you go and meet W-market specialties?

〇Braid ”Miyabi”


This shop sells accessories such as braid, a traditional craft of Japan.

Speaking of Braid, the movie “Your name” suddenly rises in popularity and attracts attention.
And it is not only to buy it because it shows off braid on the spot by one handmade one.

It is also possible to see and experience how to make.
Why don’t you try to taste the Japan tradition in W market?

3.How to store


opening fee is 3,000 yen for the first time and after the second time 7,000 yen.
There is ticket plans which are “1 day”, “3days” day and “monthly” plan you can choose.
It is cheaper than a plan with many stalls.

Because a chair, a desk, LED light, an outlet, etc. are prepared by the management side, only you have the product.it is very easy to open a store.

From a professional to an amateurCan be opened without hesitation.

And I’ve kept you waiting, how to store…
Just enter your email address and request a document!!
If you are interested in seeing the material and opening the store,
Just complete the simple send filled item!
This is all. So easy!

Our customers are in their twenties and Sixties, with many foreign tourists.

It might be a good point to be able to get to know the product of oneself through the negotiation of prices deeply. How about opening a shop in this unique and interesting market?

4.Spot around


Tennoji zoo

Tennoji Zoo is a classic spot for children and adults alike.
More than a thousand animals are seen
It is also attractive to reproduce the habitat of animals in a real place.
Admission is 500 yen for adults and 200 yen for children and also attractive for cheap!

Tsutenkaku tower

Tsutenkaku tower is a symbol of Shinsekai.
From the observatory, you can view the best views of Osaka.
There are the cafe, diorama, the big food maker’s booth, Golden Billiken-san in Tsutenkaku tower.
No doubt satisfied with a luxurious lineup, such as Tsutenkaku Tower!

Spa world

Spa world is a hot spring theme park Japan boasts.
Here you will find a hot spring-themed spa, a pool with most popular water sliders in Japan, and a reasonably priced hotel.
There are a variety of other points to enjoy, This is the perfect place for those who are still playing in the new World during the daytime

Janjan street

Janjan street is a gourmet spot.
There are over 50 places to shop.
The store has a variety of customers ‘ ages, including skewer cutlet, sushi, shooting, izakaya and coffee shop.

There are a lot of shops that are lined up from noon. If you are having trouble choosing a shop in the New world, first let’s go to Cominginhand over fist Yokocho!


The famous food of Shinsekai is a spit cutlet called “kusikatsu”!
Kusikatsu is deep-fried breaded meat or vegetables on skewers.

Recommended famous Kusikatsu of Shinsekai.

・The parent of the original Kusikatsu “Daruma”.
・so famous shop of Janjan street “Yaekatsu”.
・genuine Kusikatsu “Gihuya”.

You can taste the best-in-Class Kusikatsu.
In addition, there are a lot of Kusikatsu shop and a wide selection!
Please relish the genuine Kusikatsu!

5.How to enjoy

  1.  price negotiation which is the concept of the W market .
    I think that more than half of the Japanese people and overseas also feel the price negotiation itself is fresh and non-daily.
  2. You can also get a support card for the store owner at the reception.
    The most collected of the support card in one year will be given the opening money of five million yen from the operation.
    So if there is a shop that you like by all means, please pass a cheer card.
  3. I think that you can enjoy a unique view of the world, a retro atmosphere, and a insta point to introduce later.

Please enjoy the latest market in Shinsekai completely different from other markets.



〇 Red Lantern
Red lantern that is decorated throughout the shopping district.
The Red Lantern is a symbol of the W market.
A unique world view of Red Lantern in the shopping district of the retro New World

〇 Face Panel
At the W Market exit,
Because the part of the face of the aunt in Osaka is a blank,
If you put your face there, anyone can get the aunt of Osaka!

〇Let carpet
The entrance and exit of the shopping street is paved with a 15-metre-long carpet.
This is further dyed the W market in a different world. In the background of a retro shopping street decorated with red lanterns, take a photo with let carpet to shine the best Insta!!

7.Location, Information, Access


Time : Every Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00
Address: 1-21-12, Ebisucho Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Shinsekai market
Access :

・”Ebisucho-machi” (Subway Sakaisuji Line) 【 exit 3 】 1 minute walk
・ “Shin-Imamiya” (Jr Osaka Loop Line) 7-minute walk
・ 12-minute walk from Osaka Abeno Bridge (Kintetsu South Osaka Line)
・ 13 minutes walk from Tennoji (Jr Osaka Loop Line)
・ 15-minute walk from Namba (Nankai Line)
・ 17 minutes walk from Nihonbashi (subway Sakaisuji Line)