Now Shinsekai in Osaka is safe?

shinsekai is currently bustling with tourism as the main tourist destination for Osaka.
A dream-like space that you can enjoy all day in a luxurious lineup such as spit Cutlet, Zoo, Tsutenkaku, and Spa world.

However, there are many people who are mistaken that Shinsekai is dangerous only by the rumor which is wrong though it has not been to Shinsekai in spite of it in Japan.
I want foreign tourists not to believe the wrong rumor about Shinsekai.

I will unravel to be helpful to those who have such anxiety in this article!

Why is such a false image rooted in Japan?

Reason 1

It is thought that it is because it is adjacent to Nishinari which is said the only slum town in Osaka.
Then Why is Nishinari the danger?

I’m sure most of you have never been to Nishinari, but you only have the perception that it’s a dangerous place.
I will show you why the area is dangerous and what kind of place!

Nishinari Feature 1

[A town where day workers gather]
People are gathering in search of day jobs from all over the country.
In addition, most people for some reason do not have a general job or a dwelling person.

This is probably due to the large number of homeless people in Nishinari.
Moreover, the Government seems not to understand an exact number of people who live in Nishinari because there are many persons who do not have the address.

Exactly alien…

Nishinari feature 2

[Twenty-four riots in the past]
In the past 24 riots have occurred in Nishinari, triggering the dissatisfaction of the working conditions of day workers and the day of workers.
The possibility that this riot is a big factor of the image of Nishinari is high in the people.
However, it has not happened in the last ten years by 2008.

Nishinari feature 3

“Great and easy place to stay”
There are many flophouses in Nishinari, and it has become a famous tourist attraction in Japan and around the world.

The room was very clean and the price was great.
Even if the interior is not at the level to say that it is still comfortable on average,
The room was clean and the bed was very comfortable.

Please try to use it if you have trouble to go to bed once by all means.
This is the characteristic of Nishinari.
In addition, there is a feature like three points above and the atmosphere is different in Nishinari ward.
It is not that it is better not to go absolutely dangerous.
Recovered-chan, cheap and delicious restaurants and prices are cheap, there are many other good qualities of the Nishinari. Basically go to the women alone, and if you do not enter the narrow road night, please try to play by all means okay!

Reason 2

In Shinsekai, there are many bars and drinks from the morning.
From morning till night, there are drunken man here and there in shinsekai.
I cannot say that it is a cause, but it is not uncommon in Shisenkai where the quarrel is daily occurrence. It is a characteristic of Shinsekai that drunken men are here and there from the morning.
I feel that the cause of these people is a negative image of Shinsekai.
It is not 100% of course because my own subjectivity is mingle to the last. But!
Not as dangerous as you have imagined.
I spoke at the beginning, but it is very prosperous as a tourist destination,
There are a wide range of people and groups like families, couples, friends, and foreigners.
If you want to taste Osaka , go to Shinsekai!

In Shinsekai, the latest attention market has been held since March 2018.

W market

W is the market that is attracting attention in Shinsekai.
It is held in Shinsekai Market in Naniwa-ku, Osaka City,
It is covered by many media.

I will introduce in detail clearly.


The concept of W market is that there is no price tag on every product.

In the W market, you can enjoy shopping with the store owners and negotiate the price.
But do not worry about the price bargain!

Because a reference price is clearly specified by each store, it is reliable!

Purpose of this event

The aim of the W market is to revitalize the declining shopping streets nationwide.

As a pioneer, the aim is to hold the W market for two years in Shinsekai market in Naniwa-ku, Osaka, and to promote continuous revitalization, and then distribute the know-how and data to the shopping streets nationwide.

products sold

There are many handmade accessories, miscellaneous goods, and old clothes.
However, there are a lot of products which cannot be obtained in other peculiar markets such as the message colored paper, the coffee, and the glass accessories.

It is a feature of W market that there are a lot of products which can be obtained only here.

You can also enjoy juggling, singing, magic and other performances in the market every once in a while.

How to enjoy

〇Shopping through the price negotiation!
I can try my power in the price negotiation that I usually seldom do!

〇A variety of performances

〇I take a picture of the best , such the face panel, red carpet, a large amount of red lantern, and retro shopping street !

About the event

Date: Every Sunday 11:00 ~ 17:00
Access: Shinsekai market Ebisucho Higashi 1-21-12, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi

That’s all
Has your image of Shinseki changed a bit?
Please try to judge to see for yourself to carry the foot once without swallow rumors still!
You’ll find it’s a safer and most enjoyable spot than you might think.